How Health and Safety Consultants Save Companies Money

Most people probably think that working in an office could be hazardous, but if the workstations are not correctly fitted, they can cause injuries. Workstations need to be adjustable so they can be ergonomically correct for each worker. This helps to avoid back injuries and repetitive injuries that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Back injuries are one of the top complaints when workman’s compensation claims are filed, which can cost companies millions of dollars each year.

Companies that want to improve their workstations may resort to hiring Safety Management Consultants to evaluate their work areas and make improvement recommendations. Many large corporations have safety management personnel on their payroll because they have several divisions that need to be assessed for safety to prevent injuries to employees and/or the public. Once an evaluation has been done, the consultant will give the company their recommendations, and they may also oversee the improvements to make sure they are implemented correctly. Occupational Health & Safety Specialists may find work in every business industry in order to evaluate the risk to employees, customers, and the general public.


Major international companies that have several divisions may have International Safety Consultants that specialize in different aspects of health and safety concerns. A chemical or energy company may have health and safety specialists that focus the air quality of job sites to ensure workers are not exposed to dangerous fumes or liquids to keep from being harmed. Air quality needs to be monitored to make sure toxic fumes, or smog is released into the atmosphere and affect the air everyone breathes. Along with air quality, the consultants also have to make sure toxic wastes are disposed of correctly and in a safe matter, so they do not get spilled into drinking water supplies or affect the surrounding ecosystems.

Not only do HSE Safety Consultants help prevent injuries to employees or the general public, they help companies save money by not being fined by the government because of poor safety, health or environmental practices. They help companies comply with environmental standards of the countries wherever their job sites are located. It is important that health, safety, and environmental specialists keep up-to-date on air, water and other environmental standards for each country in which their company does business. Although environmental and safety standards may vary greatly, it is important they be met to prevent injuries, costly fines and to maintain a good reputation.